Top 10 Online Tools to Grow your Website

The number of online tools that are available to create a website keeps growing by the minute and it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. How do you find those online tools that you can keep for a long time?

We’ve talked before about the best productivity tools for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Today is all about the top 10 online tools, the ones I use every single day and I can’t recommend enough.

Top 10 Online Tools to Grow your Website


For a long time since I launched this website, I was with a different hosting company, which worked really well and I never experienced any problems throughout that time. But I found that my site was slower and slower each time I updated a plugin, added new coding and even new images.

This year I decided to make the switch to SiteGround and I couldn’t be more happy with it. My site is not only faster and easier to navigate, but their support is just outstanding. If you are looking for a quality hosting service, then SiteGround is for you.

WordPress / Genesis Framework

WordPress has to be on this list, it’s the perfect platform for a lot of purposes – fashion, lifestyle, services, portfolio…you name it! Easy to use and fun. The Genesis Framework is the ideal partner for WordPress.

Not only is it easy to use, secure and SEO-friendly, it also offers a variety of themes and plugins that you can use to enhance your website.


MailChimp has been with me from the very beginning. It helps me stay connected with you guys in a different way than social media.

It is affordable and it allows you to customize how you deliver emails as well as add your unique style to it with a simple drag and drop layout. You can create multiple lists, types of emails, check analytics and more.

Google Analytics

While I try to not get too obsessed with analytics, it’s important to know exactly where your traffic is coming from, how your readers interact with your content and what they like the most so you can grow your audience.

Google Analytics is by far the best option out there to keep track of your numbers. If you are using the Genesis Framework, installing it is as easy as copying a single line of code to the settings of your theme.


We have talked before about the importance of backing up your site. Just imagine if you lose all your content one day…the horror! While most hosting companies offer regular backups for their sites, it’s ideal to have a copy in your computer, just in case you need it.

The best plugin for this is UdraftPlus. It creates a full backup of your website and it can even save it to your Dropbox or Google Drive. I usually create a backup each month and download it to my computer to keep it safe.

G Suite – Custom Email

This is not exactly part of a website, but it’s part of those online tools that help you grow your brand. Having a custom email is that one step that shows you are serious with your brand.

The best option for this is getting an email for your domain with G Suites. You can have there the exact same layout and interface as Gmail, but with your own URL. User-friendly and professional.

Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop

Having high-quality graphics on your website is not only about design, but a way to make your own style stand out.

Illustrator is great to use for text-based graphics, icons, and illustrations. Photoshop, just as the name says it, is ideal to add effects, layers, colors and more to photos.

Yoast SEO

Thinking about SEO is a bit tiring if you ask me, it’s not the most fun part of having a website. If you feel the same way and need a hand with this, installing Yoast SEO is a must for all WordPress users.

It guides you step by step to attract more visitors to your site and increase engagement. Every single part of your content can be improved with this plugin – pages, posts, categories and even shop products. You can add your social media information and even check for the ideal length of your content.


Engaging on social media is key for every blog and business these days. With so many platforms out there it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. That’s why having the help of a social media schedule is key.

Buffer is the perfect solution. You can have all your social media platforms in one place, even for different accounts. You can find suggestions for the ideal times to post on each platform and check analytics as well.


While Buffer offers an option to schedule on Instagram, Planoly is a complete platform that is a must-have. If your audience hangs out on Instagram, then I recommend investing in this one.

It allows you to schedule your posts, even stories, in a beautifully designed calendar and grid. This is perfect to make sure the aesthetic of your brand comes across and each image fits the theme you have in mind.

You can also create a list of your favorite hashtags according to categories so you can just copy them each time you need. I’m completely in love with this app.


And here’s a bonus online tool that can help you grow your website. Skillshare is an amazing platform where you can take classes to learn from a particular topic. You can find small or big classes about blogging, photography, writing and of course web design to name a few.

The best part is that this platform is driven by other creatives, so it’s a fun community to be a part of.

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