How to Stay Motivated to Blog in 6 Steps

Running a blog can be a complicated task and staying motivated to blog gets more difficult each day. You have to create awesome graphics to get noticed, come up with new original content, try to post as many times as possible and be present on social media. It’s a lot to handle!

With so many blogs out there these days, it’s difficult to focus on your own growth. Sometimes it might be easier to quit, right? Well, don’t just yet. You can still fall back in love with blogging, even if you’ve been struggling with it lately.

How to Stay Motivated to Blog in 6 Steps

We all need some help with this, that’s why I’m happy to introduce you to the 6-Step Formula to Stay Motivated to Blog.

1. Remember why you started

Most bloggers start their journey because they genuinely love sharing posts with others, to open themselves to a community. Whether it’s by sharing fashion posts or blogging tips, there’s a motivation behind sending out to the world that very first post.

Somewhere along the way, they forget why they started. The thoughts of monetizing their blogs or transitioning from blogger to business can cause a huge amount of stress, which is a creativity killer.

I’ve been there! While it’s ok to start pursuing new goals, it is also important that you enjoy it, to take this experience and make it your own.

If you are not feeling inspired, then take a few moments and remember why you started. Go back to that feeling you had each time you create new content for your audience. Read all your previous posts and find that joy for blogging again.

2. Organization is key to stay motivated to blog

When you don’t really have a schedule for blogging or don’t have a clear strategy, everything becomes even more stressful and your mind will not be as focused as it could be.

Invest some time in organizing your blog. From doing a regular backup, planning your content ahead of time with an editorial calendar and having a clear social media schedule.

This way you will make sure that all the steps you need to follow are carefully thought and then you can stop worrying about it and stay motivated to blog.

3. Avoid comparison

We are all guilty of this one and the solution is easier said than done. I believe that healthy comparison does exist, it can help you realize how much you’ve grown and help you get a clear direction for your goals.

But when you start comparing yourself to other bloggers in a negative way, everything that you have accomplished suddenly doesn’t matter. You think “There’s always more I can do” or “I’m not there at all”.

You need to stop that hurtful thinking right now and instead focus on your own path. Even if you notice that other bloggers have 100 comments on each blog post or thousands of followers on their social media, you don’t know how long it took for them to get there or even if they have a big engagement with their audience, which is what matters in the end.

Trust that you are doing your best and stop looking in other places for success. You have it in you!

4. Celebrate your milestones

This one goes hand-in-hand with avoiding comparison. It’s incredibly important to celebrate your accomplishments, even if they seem small to you, they do matter.

If you stop comparing yourself to others, you will start noticing all your accomplishments and think about them in a different way. You will even set bigger goals because you know you can reach them.

Gained more followers this week? Celebrate it! Published that awesome blog series? Awesome! Always remember all the effort you are putting on your blog and appreciate it.

5. Don’t obsess over the numbers

Keeping track of your growth and impact of social media or analytics is very important. This way you can refocus your content, if you need to, and see what’s working and what’s not.

But don’t get obsessed with the numbers. If you find yourself looking each day at how many followers you gained and page views you have, you will only get frustrated.

Set a day a month where you will go over your statistics and then let it go. Even if the numbers are lower than you wanted, think about a strategy you can follow to improve and always, always choose quality over quantity.

6. Just keep blogging

I would normally tell you to take a break if you need to, but in this case, I’m going to say that you need to follow Dori’s advice: just keep blogging.

Fall back in love with blogging by doing it more. Let your creativity run free! If you start celebrating your milestones, stop comparing yourself to others and go back to the reason you started, you won’t want to stop posting new content on your blog.

Keep going and you will see the results you want, just remember that it takes time.

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