The Mindset Shift your Social Media Strategy Needs

For the last few months, creating the right social media strategy has been a big headache for a lot of bloggers and business owners. From Instagram changing their algorithms and making extremely difficult to grow organically, to Facebook not helping at all with this transition charging more a more to be noticed.

Do you feel frustrated? Me too! But let me share with you the mindset that will change your social media strategy.

The Mindset Shift your Social Media Strategy Needs

I invested last year on quick course to grow my Pinterest account and drive traffic to Fashiony Fab. The strategies shared there were basically what you see everywhere: create a profile with keywords, add descriptions to your pins and post content your target audience wants.

There I was posting nonstop about blogging and design tips every day. Opening the Pinterest app stopped being about getting inspired and pinning content I found fun and useful. Instead, it became a job itself.

Same thing happened with Instagram. I started getting so stressed out about the content I shared, followed only my target audience and forgot about the fun it was to connect with new people and enjoy their posts as well. I even fell for the follow/unfollow trick…agh I know!

Well, I decided to put a stop to it. The thing is, the moment I stopped enjoying all those things that made me want to work in my studio full-time, stressed got to me and it was no longer worth it.

Am I saying you should completely forget about the business side of social media? Of course not, believe me, I understand how important it is to have a strategy in place that can ultimately help you grow your blog or business. But it’s extremely important to take time to just enjoy it and remember why you started in the first place.

Forget about liking x number of photos a day on Instagram and instead like and comment those you actually enjoy. Forget about Pinning every day just content for your audience and instead get inspired with fun pins.

Balance is the key here. If there is no balance when it comes to your social media strategy, then everything becomes a boring routine that you can’t escape from.

Forget about growing tactics everyone swears by and create your own. It’s more important to spend time wisely by engaging with your audience, being honest and real, than just becoming a social media bot. So what do you think? Are you ready to bring back the fun to social media?

Here are 5 quick tips to change your social media strategy

1. Create and share content you find inspiring and useful. Chances are your target audience will enjoy them as well.
2. Don’t be scared to try something different than what others are doing out there.
3. Don’t fall for the classic “Get 10,000 followers in one month” kind of courses. Create your own on your strategy and test what works for you.
4. There’s no magic formula out there, so testing is always important.
5. Need a break? Take a few days off, I promise you will feel renewed!

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