The Secret of Change

The first month of the year seems like the perfect time to share this quote. We are all busy and excited right now setting new goals and dreams for this year.

A big part of this requires looking back at what we’ve accomplished and of course, what we haven’t as well.

The Secret of Change

When it comes to creating new habits and promoting change in our lives, it’s easy to get stuck in what happened in the past. Whether that’s mistakes, decisions, moments or experiences we wished were different.

While it’s important to learn from those experiences, it’s key to learn how to balance it out so it allows us to keep moving forward.

Change only happens when you take that first step. That step can never be made by looking at the past, in particular, what we wished we had accomplished.

This year, as you prepare to conquer those goals, remember to build on the new. To learn from your own history and keep going.


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