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These days is almost impossible to get through the day without the help of a carefully curated mix of the best productivity tools. There are so many tasks to accomplish each day that there are new apps to choose from constantly. It’s certainly a must to get an advantage of all the amazing online and […]

As bloggers and entrepreneurs, it’s easy to be too critical of our work and progress. Comparison plays a crucial factor here, which is why the search for perfection can be exhausting. When you are working on a project that you feel passionate about, you want every single aspect of it to be perfect. This, of […]

Finding balance, that is one of the goals we all have in common. We desperately need those days when we feel at ease. But, as many things in life, balance is not really something you just happen to find, it’s something you need to create for yourself. As bloggers or entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get caught up […]

Making the decision to rebrand your blog or business is not an easy call. You need to invest time and money to get the results you want and sometimes just taking action can be stressful. The are several factors of a successful brand building: colors, typography, logo, illustrations, icons, values, mission statement, voice… the list goes on […]

In the blogging and entrepreneurial world, it’s easy to get caught in the pressure of being successful. Let me ask you something: how many income reports have you read these last 6 months? While noticing what others out there are achieving can be inspirational, it can also make you feel impatient about your own success. […]

As you may have noticed by the small (or big) site makeover, things have been pretty busy around here. I was dying to create something new for this corner of the web and finally feel that this design is 100% me. Working on the new graphics for the site and blog, I decided to re-evaluate my blog strategy, […]