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Yesterday I focused on the (sometimes dreadful) task of going through all my computer files and delete those that I no longer needed. This is something I do every few months to make sure I have plenty space and it’s also a fun way to look back. I spent a while going through my client […]

I’m thrilled to have today Sarah from Creative and Coffee here on the blog, sharing this post with amazing tips on one of the most complicated tasks for all bloggers: how to creating content that people want to read. Solve a Problem and Get Specific The first thing we do to start creating content is to […]

Social Media is one of the most important resources any blogger or small business owner can use these days. I had the opportunity of interviewing an expert on this topic, Stephanie Gilbert from Small Talk Social. I’m excited to share with you the tips that this talented lady is giving us today! Hi Stephanie! Please […]

It’s amazing how we have so many opportunities nowadays to start a business, to create a blog that is profitable, to chase the dream of creating and work for yourself by following your passion. The only downside of this is that, because the tools to achieve this are right there for everyone, is getting more […]

One of my favorite ways to get inspired when I’m having a bad day is spending some quality on Pinterest, reading as many quotes as I can. And let me tell you that if you ever feel like things are not going exactly as you expected, then this is the perfect quote to get motivated […]

Stock photos are everywhere these days, from blog posts to social media accounts. A few years ago it was hard work to find high-quality photos, fortunately now there are tons of amazing creatives providing this much-needed service for bloggers and small business owners. From free platforms to affordable shops, there’s something for everyone. Even though there […]

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