Why Improvement is More Important than Perfection

As bloggers and entrepreneurs, it’s easy to be too critical of our work and progress. Comparison plays a crucial factor here, which is why the search for perfection can be exhausting. When you are working on a project that you feel passionate about, you want every single aspect of it to be perfect.

Why Improvement is More Important than Perfection

This, of course, leads to hours and hours of work and while most of the times it what gives you great results, you can neglect other aspects of your life, not to mention frustration might come if you don’t get the results you were looking for.

Pressure is a constant¬†in this online world and with this quote, I want to encourage you to take notice of each goal you conquer, even if it seems small to you. The thing is, every step you take toward reaching your dreams counts because it’s taking you closer to getting the results you want.

If you feel stuck, take some time to look back at your progress. Don’t focus on your competition, focus on where you started a few months ago, a year, and you will see that even if you still have more to do to reach that goal, improvement has been made.


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