How to Prepare your Blog for the New Year

The last month of the year is the perfect time to take some time to think about how you can prepare your blog for the new year. It’s an exciting moment to set new goals and look back at how much you’ve accomplished. This should also include your blog.

How can you get started and what do you need to focus on? Here are a few ideas to start the new year with a killer blog strategy.

How to Prepare your Blog for the New Year

Go through old posts

Exploring your previous content is the best place to start. Not only will this help you come up with new ideas, but you can also evaluate if they are still representing your brand accurately.

You can also update your top posts. Think about how you can make them even more interesting, revise the copy and add new images.

Clean up your blog

We’ve talked before about the importance of keeping your blog clean to make sure your readers have the best experience. Well, this is the best time to apply those tips as you prepare your blog for the new year.

Think about the widgets on the sidebar of your blog, check if all the plugins are up to date and even edit the categories you are using.

Update your theme or get a new one

While it’s not ideal to change your blog design so often, it’s also important to have fun with it and explore new styles as your brand grows. If you feel like it’s time for a makeover, then explore all the amazing options out there and get a fresh new look to start the year.

Remember that it’s key to have in mind your branding when taking this step. (Psst, check out the new studio services here).

Create a content schedule

Posting consistently is easier if you have a clear content schedule. This way you don’t have to improvise each time you need to upload content to your blog.

Take some time to think about how many times a week or a month you want to publish posts, as well as brainstorm more ideas. Include here your social media strategy as well.

Reevaluate your blogging strategy

Why are you blogging and what do you want to accomplish with your blog next year? This is the key question to make sure the strategy you are following is the best.

Whether the answer is to promote your business, generate an income or simply share your creativity with the world, adjust your strategy to reach those goals.

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