The Best Way to Grow Your Email List

We’ve talked before about the importance of having an email list, where you can be in direct contact with your readers, to build a community and not depend only on social media. But, how do you get there? How do you motivate your audience to click on that subscribe button and grow your email list?

Of course, creating quality content is the first answer to these questions. Giving access to your email is a big thing, so you need to make sure that your audience likes what they are reading. But the second answer to this has 4 words: give-something-for-free. This can be a big game changer.

The Best Way to Grow Your Email List

Now, you may have already heard about this, but let me tell you my experience with it. When I first created the Fab List, I was sending some freebies here and there (digital art prints, checklists…) to my subscribers, but didn’t offer something in particular that could really help them. Sure, a print is a nice thing to have around, but why would they give me their trust if I didn’t send something valuable in return?

Getting my own blog organized was a challenge until I created a fun planner that could help me with it. Then the idea came – Why not share that useful tool with the amazing community that visits this blog! I started offering it as a thank you for subscribing to the list and then it all started to get better.

I gained a lot of new subscribers day after day and they really loved the blog kit that they got in return. My list kept growing and I couldn’t be more thankful because I could be in direct contact with all my readers.

So, in short, offering something to say thank you in return is key to growing your email list. The hard part is to figure out what to send, right? This, of course, depends on your blog content since you know your audience better than anyone. But there are 7 ideas that can’t fail.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired and grow your email list.


If I know something for sure is that as bloggers and business owners organization is one of the most valuable aspects of our lives. Get creative and put together a calendar or weekly organizer that can help your readers with this overwhelming task.

You can even create one that they can edit on their computers, just in case they don’t want to print it out. Each time they are using it, they will remember you.

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2. Templates

If you are a designer or enjoy working in Photoshop or even Canva, then you have something great to offer. Give your subscribers a template that they can just download and use as inspiration.

From newsletters, blog themes, mood boards or post templates, it’s a fantastic tool that your subscribers will appreciate when creating their own content.

3. Mini E-Course

Even though this might take you a bit longer to put together, it’s a big incentive to get new subscribers and grow your email list. Everyone has something to teach and I bet that you have skills that can be shared with others.

Create a free mini e-course for your subscribers. You can host it right on your site and even add it as video tutorials or printable pages.

4. Stock Images

It feels like stock images are becoming more popular by the minute. I personally enjoy them so much, specially styled stock images.

If you like using your camera, then take advantage of this and include a few images as a freebie for your list. They will not only love this detail but use it in their blog posts or social media, which will attract new readers to your own site.

5. Service Discount

If you offer a service as part of your brand, such as web design or even coaching, then you can offer a discount for one of your packages in the email subscription.

This may be more targeted to readers that want to use your services at some point, but it will be appreciated.

6. Access to a Facebook Private Group

A great way to build a community around your blog or business is by using Facebook groups. I’m part of a couple of them and truly enjoy sharing with people who have similar interests.

Open your own group and give access to all your subscribers. You will get to know all of them better and be more active in your niche.

7. Resource Library

Can’t decide on just one? Then create a resource library where you can include all of the above – from printables, templates, stock images, e-courses, a place where you can keep your readers up to date and with the tools they need to grow their blogs.

Ready to create your freebie and grow your email list? Join the fab list to download the email worksheet and get access to the free resource library!


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