5 Quick Steps to Grow Your Brand Through Design

It’s amazing how we have so many opportunities nowadays to start a business, to create a blog that is profitable, to chase the dream of creating and work for yourself by following your passion.

The only downside of this is that, because the tools to achieve this are right there for everyone, is getting more and more difficult each day to stand out, grow your brand and get to that finish line.

5 Quick Steps to Grow Your Brand Through Design

You are investing hours and hours each week to get more followers, visitors, and subscribers. When you don’t see the results you want it’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve been there too!

Whether you are a small business owner or blogger, there’s one thing that can help you grow your brand: good design. Why? Because that is the way you get recognized, the way you catch the attention of your potential buyers or readers and the way you stand out from the crowd.

And let me tell you something, you don’t need a big budget to get it. Because trust me I know that when you are trying to grow your business or blog, it’s key to stick to that budget.

You might not feel 100% ready to invest in a custom design, big graphics or even stock photography, and that’s ok. But you can still take action today and every step counts. Here are 5 quick steps to grow your brand.

1. Start by defining your brand

This is the very first step I take with all my clients and one that is often left out. To grow your brand you need to know it from head to toes.

Who is your target market? What makes your brand different? Who is your competition? What are they doing that works? What’s your mission? All these questions will help you define your brand and start thinking about how you can stand out.

2. Think about your visual elements

We are visual beings and in the online world, in particular, is extremely important to use graphics the right way to convey your message.

Start with your color palette, mood, logo, icons, patterns, and illustrations. Take a few minutes and write down your brand style and always stick to it no matter what.

3. Create templates for your blog or social media

Maintain a cohesive style throughout your website, social media, and even marketing material. You can use a free software such as Canva to create beautiful templates that you can use anytime and that can help you get that unique style.

4. Use the right images

Using the right images is just as important as having a professional logo since these get the attention of the audience faster than text or other elements.

Take your brand style guide and choose the right stock images for your blog or marketing material. Get creative and make them work for your brand with these tips.

5. Don’t be scared to try your own style

It might be scary to try something completely different from what’s out there. While I encourage you to do some research on what the popular trends are, it’s important to also stick to your own style and what your audience will enjoy.

Even if it’s not something you see all the time, trust your creativity.

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