Green and Blush Mood Board

As we get closer to the Holiday season, muted and darker colors are starting to show up everywhere. Green is a favorite of the season and what better than to pair it with lovely shades of blush. You know me, I can’t pass on an opportunity to add a soft pink color to a design, so I couldn’t wait to create this green and blush mood board.

Green and Blush Mood Board

For this mood board I wanted to show an elegant but at the same time cozy vibe. All centered around this color palette.

Speaking of color, If you are into this muted, close to emerald, shade and want to incorporate it to your home decor, a great idea is using copper or gold rose accents to enhance it.

A safe way as well is to have plants around to add just a touch of it if you prefer. And of course, fashion is also a great way to incorporate this color.


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