Follow Your Heart and Intuition

This is probably one of my favorite quotes and it’s the perfect time to share it, now that we are approaching the final month of the year and new resolutions are in the making. While I do believe that decisions must be based on planning and weighing all your options, sometimes it’s just about following your intuition.

I think the meaning behind this quote goes beyond just following your passion or do anything you can do to conquer your dreams, but in a way also tuning out the noise and focus on your own journey.

Follow Your Heart and Intuition

Whenever you are starting a unique path, opinions by others are always going to be around. After all, we are curious beings and yes, if a journey looks different than the norm, we tend to criticize it.

Listening to others is important as well, they might have the input you sometimes need to keep going. But most of the time you already know what step to follow to get to where you want to be. It’s just a matter of listening to your heart and going after what you want, no matter if you feel afraid of the results you might get.

I hope you find inspiration in this quote as well!


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