Embracing Life

And we are officially in a new year! I hope you had an amazing time and feel ready to start a new chapter.

The other day I asked on Instagram if the idea of new year’s resolutions was still something people liked to pursue or not so much. I loved the replies I got on how it’s better to focus on intentional goals and habits than the idea of big resolutions.

Embracing Life

A few years ago I used to be really into sitting down and making a long list of resolutions. That long list, of course, was often filled with crazy goals with no specific plan on how to achieve them.

Setting goals each new year is a great way to stay motivated and focused, but it’s more than just about that. It’s about knowing the steps you will need to get to that lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of, without causing you more stress.

So, this year I want to encourage you to not only dream, but to think about how you can truly make that dream come true. And to also enjoy the ride because life is about embracing each moment.


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