Currently Loving No.1

Back when Fashiony Fab was a lifestyle and fashion blog, I used to enjoy putting together posts about my favorite outfits, beauty products, and basically anything I loved at the moment. Before I started working as a freelance designer, I used to spend each and every single day writing new content for the blog and boy did I enjoy that! Fast forward to this day and I’m sometimes sad to realize that blogging has become an activity I have neglected in the past year.

While I absolutely love the idea of blogging on a daily basis, between client work and keeping a healthy schedule, it’s an idea that is unfortunately unrealistic. It has taken me a few months of thinking about it to decide the times a month that I can actually commit to and to narrow down the categories I want to write about.

Branding and business tips are of course at the top of the list as you can see, but I’m also excited to share a bit more about yours truly. So let’s start with a new post series I’m going to – with a lot of creativity in mind – call ‘currently loving’…because why not, right? I hope you enjoy!

01. Since Christmas is right around the corner this list has to start with some decor inspiration. I’m just in love with the Scandinavian style and I’ve been gathering all my inspiration on this Pinterest board. The idea of using black for this time of the year might sound crazy to some, but to me is just so elegant and minimal, especially when it’s paired with natural elements such as leaves and wood.

02. I’m trying to take time each week to explore my favorite websites. It’s the perfect way to get inspired and stay connected to what’s going on in the world. Whitespace Magazine is always a favorite and I was so thrilled to be featured on their fall exhibit.

03. The end of the year is always nostalgic for me. While I look forward to what’s coming next, there’s this feeling of chapters being closed. What’s my remedy to relax and take my mind off things? Watching my favorite shows! Right now I have on my list Drop Dead Diva, which I already watched before, but I just love coming back to it.

04. These past few months have been crazy in the work department, which is amazing since this time of the year is usually slow. I’ve been having such a great time designing for new clients. You can take a look at some of the new projects here and on Instagram.

05. I’m working on getting rid of bad habits, such as not sleeping enough, while cultivating new healthy ones, such as meditating, reading on a daily basis, and exercising. I’m proud to say I’m doing quite well so far.

That’s it for today’s post. See you on the next one!

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