How to Choose a Web Designer to Work With

When it’s time to give your site a makeover or if you are considering doing a full rebranding, that’s the moment when you get the big question: How to choose a web designer? And it’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s important that you take your time to be completely sure that you find the best option.

How to Choose a Web Designer to Work With

It may sound simple, just google web designer or branding and you will find a huge amount of studios that you can turn to. But, between the budget you have in mind and finding the designer that shares your style, you can end up frustrated or even worst, working with someone who doesn’t get you.

Before you take the plunge, here are 5 things you need to consider before you choose a web designer.

1. Take your time to research

You are excited to get started with your new design and wish you could have it ready by tomorrow. But, that can cause you to take an impulsive decision and go with the very first designer that you find, who kind of covers what you are looking for.

Take your time to research several designers. Go to their websites, talk to them and really weight in your options.

Even if you think you have found the right one, sleep it over before saying yes and see how you feel about it the next morning. This way, you will be sure that you didn’t choose a web designer because of the excitement, but because it’s the right fit for you.

2. Go beyond Google Search

Searching for a designer in Google is a great starting point, not to mention very fast, but usually, the first links you might find are too expensive and you might lose the opportunity to discover other options.

Go beyond Google Search. You can ask other blogger friends about it, that’s why it’s important to be involved in the online community.

You can post a question in your favorite Facebook groups, asking for recommendations, you might even be already following designers there.

Another place to find the right fit for you is by looking at the bottom of the pages of those sites you love the design. A lot of my clients have found me that way since that is a common place to find the copyright and link to the designer’s website.

This will ensure that you truly get the style you are going for, making the research part faster and easier for you.

3. Check out their portfolio

This may sound like an obvious point, but I don’t mean only quickly glancing at the portfolio page, take your time to see each project.

This will say a lot about the designer. Even though the final result of a project depends on the client, a big part of it is the designer’s aesthetic.

Some designers don’t share their projects on their website, which in my opinion it’s not so great. But, if you like the packages they are offering, send an email asking for examples of their recent work.

Another thing to consider is to see if they have testimonials from previous clients. I know, nobody will post something negative about themselves there, but the fact that their customers are willing to give their opinion and allow it to be posted with their names or even photos says a lot about them.

4. Ask as many questions as you need

One of my clients once told me that a designer she reached out to ask a few questions to was not that nice and actually kind of annoyed about it. That is a deal breaker.

Don’t hold back and ask as many questions as you need. You have to be completely sure that you understand what you are getting, how that’s going to work and all the policies included.

Each time someone emails me interested in one of my packages, I send a media kit with all the information that they may need. Even though I try to give as many details as possible, sometimes they might have other concerns, or even may just need to confirm that they understand correctly.

Remember, communication is key before you choose a web designer. You are going to work together, so this will be an indication of how you are going to be doing it.

Write down your questions and if you feel the need to make a phone call or even use Skype, ask for it.

5. Be patient and communicative

You did your research, make sure your designer is a match in terms of style, fits your budget and answered all the questions you had. Now comes the exciting and fun part: making your dream design come true.

Translating the ideas you have takes time and adjustment at each step of the process. Be patient and, while it’s also important that the designer you are working with does the same thing, communicate your ideas as clear as possible and be also opened to new ones.

Your designer should be able to guide you through it and listen to what you want, offer you new ideas while incorporating the ones you had. Remember that going through a branding, blog or web design should be an enjoyable experience.

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