How to Choose the Perfect Fonts for Your Brand and Website

When you start working on a logo design or a website, choosing the perfect fonts is a key step to making sure the final result shows the style you had in mind. It may sound very simple, but the complete process of getting to the right option might be complicated.

The number of fonts to choose from is endless. Just enter a site such as My Fonts and you will see what I’m talking about. It’s pretty overwhelming, although fun as well, to navigate through the different categories.

How to Choose the Perfect Fonts for Your Brand and Website

Why is it so important you might ask? Because it’s one small factor that it’s extremely important in the visual communication of your brand. With just the typeface you can let your audience know what your blog or business is about – fun, classic, bright, elegant. It’s the first impression you are giving which is why you need to make sure it’s the right one.

The very first thing you should have in mind when searching for the perfect fonts for your site or brand is the style you like the most. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with all the terminology, but it’s important to know the difference between the 4 most common fonts you will see before you start using them. In a simple way, here it is:

  • Serif: formal and traditional, with small decorative details at the end of the strokes.
  • Sans Serif: more modern, they don’t have those details in the end.
  • Script: cursive or handwriting
  • Display: decorative, bold, make a statement.

Most designers use the rule of Serif fonts for titles and Sans Serif for paragraphs while using Script or Display fonts for logo designs and other decorative elements on a visual identity. From all the options available out there how can you find the right one for you?

Here are the steps that will help you choose the perfect fonts for your brand.

1. Don’t follow the trends (unless you really love them)

Just as with beauty and fashion, there are trends coming and going in the world of fonts. Handwritten is the popular option at the moment, which I absolutely love. While following trends might make your logo or site look modern at the moment, you still want to make sure it stands out and that you can maintain in the future.

This doesn’t mean that you can only choose traditional fonts. Just take your time to see if you really like it, that it goes well with what you are trying to communicate, and that you can keep using it for years to come.

You can surely change it in the future if you wish to, after all, that’s what rebrandings are for. However, you don’t want to change it all the time because that will make your audience feel confused.

2. Have your audience in mind

Think about your ideal audience – their age, what they do for a living, what colors they like, regular habits, and style. Not only is this important for your content, these factors will give you a pretty good idea of what fonts they will be more attracted to.

This way you will know they enjoy looking at your brand, reading your content on your website, and ultimately keep you in mind for future reference.

3. Make sure it’s easy to read

It’s incredibly frustrating when you see a beautiful visual identity design with the right colors, images, and style, but can’t even read what the tagline on the logo says. Or visit a website and you can’t seem to understand the titles.

Make absolutely sure that the font you are using is easy to read. If someone doesn’t get it, they will not take the time to figure it out, they will just move on. Don’t lose customers or readers because of it.

4. Break the rules

Like I mentioned before, there are some rules that designers like to follow when designing a logo or website. Here’s the thing, part of being a creative involves breaking the rules. To explore your own style and go with the flow.

Don’t be scared to play with the fonts you like. The important part here is that it looks good, it’s easy to read and that it reflects the style of your brand.

5. Invest in them

There are a lot of free fonts out there that you can use. While this is the best for your website, if you are working on your logo design and branding, investing in a nice font is a good idea.

You can stick to a specific budget and still have that gorgeous font you love.

6. Get Inspired

This is the perfect excuse to spend some time on Pinterest, hours and hours if you want. Get inspired and search for branding inspiration, typography boards, and website designs.

Not to copy them, but this will help you determine which fonts you like the most and how they are being used. Go deeper than just the style, click on the images you find and see what their audience is like. Make a complete research and identify those details that catch your attention.

Ready to start looking for the perfect fonts? Here’s a list of 10 great places where you can find beautiful options.

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