One of the downsides of being a designer is that you often get that feeling to create something new for your own brand….well, this just happened. I spent the last few weeks working on a full rebranding and new web design in between client work. Let me tell you, this was long overdue. You might […]

Even though I’m usually more attracted to a minimal color palette with white, black, and blush hues, I can’t help to stop looking at those beautiful spring colors around Pinterest and Instagram. The weather might be a bit crazy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play around with the idea of spring, […]

Having a space where you feel inspired is key to stay productive and healthy. Well, this month I finally took time to start gathering ideas and plan ahead to redecorate. Let me tell you, it was easier said than done. While I was getting ready to start decluttering before thinking about anything else, I realized […]

The first month of the year seems like the perfect time to share this quote. We are all busy and excited right now setting new goals and dreams for this year. A big part of this requires looking back at what we’ve accomplished and of course, what we haven’t as well. When it comes to […]

And we are officially in a new year! I hope you had an amazing time and feel ready to start a new chapter. The other day I asked on Instagram if the idea of new year’s resolutions was still something people liked to pursue or not so much. I loved the replies I got on […]

This is probably one of my favorite quotes and it’s the perfect time to share it, now that we are approaching the final month of the year and new resolutions are in the making. While I do believe that decisions must be based on planning and weighing all your options, sometimes it’s just about following […]

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