What to Expect from a Branding Process

Sometimes hearing words like brand identity, branding process and marketing design might sound confusing. Knowing if that’s the right fit for you and your business it’s even more difficult to define.

From the experience of working with bloggers and business owners in their branding designs, I’ve narrowed down a clear branding process I follow to make sure that they not only get the results they are looking for but that they also enjoy the ride. This is one of the most important aspects for me when I start working with a client, that they feel confident in the new project and also have some fun.

What to Expect from a Branding Process

Well, it’s time to share some of my secrets…well, business secrets at least. Ready to see what happens behind the scenes of a branding process? The truth is that jumping into a project like this might be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. Don’t fret my friend, I’ve got you covered! This post is all about what goes into a brand discovery.

First contact

Every project starts when a potential client gets in touch with me, either by filling out the form on this website or sending a direct email.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised these past few months since I’ve had a couple of clients contacting me directly on social media, Instagram and Pinterest in particular.

For me is crucial to have my contact information available and easy to access at all times. That’s why I always recommend having a contact form and details in different places on your site.

Client Proposal

Once we get in touch, I ask for more details about the project, what they have in mind for this design, timeline, and budget. Even though I do have a list of packages created, every project is different, so it’s important to adjust to each client.

Once I have all the details, I then create a client proposal. This is a document that includes all the details about the workflow, estimation, timeframe, and terms as detailed as possible so that my clients have the information they need whenever they need.


When the project proposal is accepted, then it’s time to get started. My clients receive a strategy questionnaire tailored to their project, whether that’s branding, web design or social media styling.

This ensures that we are on the same page for the design and also helps them define those key elements they want to communicate with their design.

I’ve found that even if you already have a clear idea of what your brand mission is or even target market, writing everything down and going even deeper with different questions can help create a strong strategy.

Design Phase

It’s time to just relax while I dive into the design phase. Depending on the type of project, I take time to sketch and brainstorm all the design elements needed.

A branding project usually starts with a mood board and color palette. I like to use Pinterest to get inspired, sometimes even take inspiration from magazines and create a physical mood board before presenting it to my clients.

Then I work on the logo designs, thinking about several options that include different fonts and iconography. This is, of course, my favorite part of the process!

What to Expect from a Branding Process


Once all the designs are ready, I send them to my clients to get their approval. This usually means choosing a logo design from the options sent, adjusting here and there until the final design is exactly what we had in mind.

The next step is to design supportive elements such as patterns and icons that compliment the logo created. Then we move onto the design of collateral material, such as business cards, thank you notes, social media covers, and media kits.

Files Delivery

And finally, once each part of the branding is approved, I get the files ready for delivery. This includes each type of file my client needs depending on the specific project. Sometimes this means only for web use and other times for printing or both.

They also get a full branding guide to make sure they have all the design rules when they need it.


I love to stay in touch with my clients whenever they need. Whether that’s for technical support, questions they may have, and even further projects. I’m always pleased when I hear from them and ready to help if they need it.

There you have it, in a few words, that’s what my branding process looks like! A big thank you to all my lovely clients out there for letting me be part of their business and blogging adventures.

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