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Have you ever second-guessed yourself? Have you ever been afraid of chasing that dream for the fear of falling? Me too. This is probably the feeling that we all can relate to, the fear of failing. How could we not when competition is present in every aspect of our lives and standing out seems the […]

You feel ready, you are getting more and more experience each day in the blogging world and it’s finally time to take your game to the next level. But you also need to stick to a budget and figure out what are the best investments for your blog because this can be quite an expensive […]

Time to get inspired with a new quote and today I want to share this one by the talented Marie Forleo. When I start working with new clients it’s very usual that they share with me how before they got in touch to start with their new branding design or website, they just didn’t feel […]

Have you noticed that trends have become more complicated instead of simpler these days? From decor ideas to fashion, there’s something crazy going on everywhere you turn to. Just when it seems like we have seen it all, we get surprised. Design is not the exception. With the huge number of trends going on out […]

We’ve talked before about the importance of having a social media strategy and how scheduling your content can make everything easier for you (read the post here). Not only can this help you save a lot of time, you will also be growing your brand. But have you asked yourself if you are spending too […]

Whether you are a blogger or business owner, having a clear brand identity can help you reach your audience and create emotional connections that take it to a whole new level. But how can you really make your brand stand out? Let me tell you that one of the best parts of working on a […]

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