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Back when Fashiony Fab was a lifestyle and fashion blog, I used to enjoy putting together posts about my favorite outfits, beauty products, and basically anything I loved at the moment. Before I started working as a freelance designer, I used to spend each and every single day writing new content for the blog and […]

December is finally here and I’m a happy camper! If we are Instagram friends you probably know by now that this is without a doubt my favorite time of the year as I’ve been saying this even before the new month started. Even though the new season officially starts in a few weeks I couldn’t […]

Ever since I heard the term capsule wardrobe a few years ago I was immediately intrigued by it. The idea of having a curated closet that focused on quality over quantity, colors that work together, and choosing slow fashion instead of impulse purchases sounded extremely good. I have to admit I tried a few times […]

For the last few years, the number of online courses offered by small business owners has increased. It’s exciting to see that creatives from different niches are willing to share their knowledge with their peers, which is a big tool for both those who are just starting out and for those who have been around […]

Every single year we reach the last few months, I’m suddenly aware of how the time just flies by and how easy it is to not notice. And so here we are again, almost at the end of another year. Fall and winter are by far my favorite seasons – the clothes, the leaves changing […]

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