The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

These days is almost impossible to get through the day without the help of a carefully curated mix of the best productivity tools. There are so many tasks to accomplish each day that there are new apps to choose from constantly.

The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

It’s certainly a must to get an advantage of all the amazing online and electronic tools that can help you get rid of all the stress of running a business or blog. And boy can it get stressful!

This post is all about the best productivity tools that are essential for all bloggers and business owners out there. From creating beautiful graphics to sharing on social media. Trust me, these can help you save time while you have fun creating new content.

For creating images and graphics:


Perfect not only to edit photos but also to create blog images that also include text, mockups and more.


Create templates, icons, patterns and more with the help of this vector based program.

Adobe Acrobat

Easily create and edit existing PDF files in only a few minutes. You can also combine multiple files with it, add your signature, and even add comments for future reference.

Adobe Kuler

Create color schemes with this beautiful color wheel, getting HEX and RGB codes to play with.


A powerful free online software to create graphics for social media, blog posts, posters and more. You can also find there pre-made templates that are incredibly easy to use.

For social media management and website traffic:


It allows you to schedule all your social media messages in one place. Their recent Instagram add-on is my absolute favorite.


For all WordPress users that need not only an editorial calendar but a social media schedule as well. They are constantly improving this plugin and adding special features

Yoast SEO

Another WordPress plugin that guides you to creating SEO friendly content on posts and pages. You only need to fill out each field when creating new content.

Google Analytics

To track page views, sessions, acquisition and more to your website.


Send email marketing campaigns or recent blog posts to your subscribers. You can easily use one of their pre-made templates or create your own.

For creating video content:


The best to record audio and screencasting for different projects.


To edit videos, adding transitions, music, photos and more.

For everyday productivity:


Make sure your content is error-free with this complete app. Once you subscribe, you can add an extension to your browser and it will be available on all your programs

Time Out

Never forget to take a break between work by scheduling time out each time you need it.


Share any type of files you need in only a few minutes.

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