5 Best Investments for Your Blog

You feel ready, you are getting more and more experience each day in the blogging world and it’s finally time to take your game to the next level. But you also need to stick to a budget and figure out what are the best investments for your blog because this can be quite an expensive adventure. Trust me, I know the feeling.

When it comes to giving your blog that upgrade it needs, and whether you are starting out and want to go for it with all you’ve got, or you have been around for a while, knowing exactly what to invest in can be an overwhelming experience.

5 Best Investments for Your Blog

There are many projects that you may have in mind: branding, marketing material, collaborations, sponsorships…the list goes on and on. Investing in the right elements of your blog is extremely important, as this can be a complete game changer. It can be the difference between growing even more or struggling big time.

Today I want to share with you the 5 things you should consider investing in for your blog if you are ready to take that crucial step.

1. Logo

Having a custom logo design was only used by big brands or business owners before. But now it’s just as important for a blog to have one. It’s that one graphic element that can help your audience identify you out there. From social media to business cards and even marketing material.

Think about the number of blogs that you can find these days. It seems like the number keeps growing and growing, so what better way to stand out than with a beautiful logo. Even if you are not ready to invest in a complete branding, this can be the first step towards a cohesive design that your readers can relate to.

2. Domain and Hosting

Besides providing pro features and security, having a domain and hosting can portray a professional style. Even though there are many inexpensive options for this, I recommend you invest in a quality hosting that will give you the best customer service, as well as functionality.

For WordPress users for example, if you use the free version (wordpress.com), while you will get great features to work with, you can’t use most of the plugins available, as well as designs and frameworks that can truly change your website experience.

3. Web Design

Your blog design is the first impression your reader gets. It’s the perfect opportunity to show what you are about and truly captures the attention of your audience with the help of carefully designed graphics.

Having a clean design can make a huge difference. It’s like cleaning up your home when you are having guests, you wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable and leave early, right?  There are many theme options you can choose from or you can also hire a designer to help you with this.

4. Quality Photos

The photos you have on your site can make it or break it, that’s how important they are. You should not only focus on choosing the ones that resonate with your content and brand style, but also avoid at all cost copyright problems.

There are beautiful photos that you can find on Pinterest, but most of the times you can’t just take them without permission. And while you can find great options on free sites, investing in a stock library can save you time and money in the long run.

5. Ads

Oh Ads (sigh), I wish I could tell you that you can quickly grow your blog without the help of ads in no time. While they are not absolutely necessary, when you are first starting out or are launching a new feature of your blog, they can make things easier and drive more traffic to your site.

Facebook ads, in particular, have great results. Take some time to truly research your target market and launch a campaign. The best part here is that you can set your own budget, so you experiment what works best for you.

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